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Ray Orthodontics

5 out of 5 based on 5 user reviews.

Dr. Ray is wonderful with kids, works with parents offering payment plans and his advice and beyond in his customer service and his staff is top notch!


- M.S.


Dr. Ray is definitely passionate about his work and will not to your dismay, let you take off your braces early if he feels like your teeth are not yet to his standards. He made the daunting experience more relaxing and is very knowledgable which helps put your mind at ease. If I was younger I'm sure I would totally utilize all of his entertainment facilities during my wait. His staff was also wonderful and great.


- M.N.


I love working for Dr. Ray, never a dull moment!! Great girls to work with. Love all of you.


- S.S.


Mrs. Doshi says she is our biggest fan! She refers everyone here! She loves Ray Orthodontics!


- Mrs. Doshi


I love that I get so many compliments on my beautiful Ray Orthodontics smile!! I would definately refer Dr. Ray!


- MM