Smile Gallery


Our spectacular, healthy, and functional smiles are a unique combination of art, science, and experience. Dr. Ray’s treatment concepts are early intervention and full, broad smile combined with the most advanced technologies.

Early Treatment

Many referring dental offices consider early treatment our specialty due to our experience and expertise in growth and development, along with Dr. Ray and staff’s skills in managing the younger patients. In addition, our fun atmosphere, Rays World, makes treatment easier for our younger patients!

The Ray Smile

The signature Ray Smile tends to be a non-extraction, full, broad smile. This look is accomplished with expansion, arch development, distalization, and growth modification techniques. Dr. Ray positions the teeth in the smile in harmony with the lips and balances it within the face. The final detailing, an art requiring expertise and experience, is what many referring offices differentiate us from other practices!

A Leader in the use of New Technology

Through out the history of Ray Orthodontics, Dr. Ray has taken pride in being at the forefront of evaluating and implementing the newest technologies and most effective orthodontic treatments to create the spectacular, healthy, functional smiles!

For example: Our Past

  • Twenty-plus years ago our practice was one of the first “all in” on the straight wire appliance systems. Now this system considered the standard for nearly the last two decades.
  • We were one of the original providers of Invisalign®, earning our way to their national top 100 Century Club 2002 and one of their first designated Premier Providers in 2005.
  • Ray Orthodontics was a beta test site for Ortho Cad, the original computer driven 3D digital orthodontics. This will become the next “standard” for orthodontics.

Our Present and Future “faster, better, more comfort”

This includes:

  • The modern self-ligating traditional braces: In-Ovation®
  • 3D orthodontics: Insignia™, Exceed® and Elemetrix indirect bonding systems
  • New generation bite correction: Forsus™ and PowerScope™
  • Adjunct accelerated tooth movement: AcceleDent® Aura
  • In-office fabrication of clear aligners from 3D models: Orchestrate and Elemetrix, the newest aligner system and our focus!